Umrah with Imam Ahmad – Spring Break 2020


In maintaining our commitment to keeping community first, education accessible, and promoting inclusivity, Maryam Islamic Center is facilitating a very high quality Umrah Spiritual Retreat package at a very affordable price — 3 days in Madinah and 4 days in Makkah — under the leadership of our very own Shaykh, Imam Ahmad Khan.

We will be traveling with a maximum of 50 community members so that we are able to bond, learn, and develop spiritually as a unit.


Our journey begins on Friday, March 6th from George Bush International Airport. After comfortably arriving to Madinah on Saturday night, we will be staying at Intercontinental Madinah-Dar al-Iman.

Modern Splendor Meets Prophetic History

Dar Al Iman InterContinental is considered one of the best hotels with a fabulous location in the courtyard of the Prophet’s Mosque (in the Haram).

Highlights of Location:

  • In the Haram
  • Very close to the Prophet’s Grave.
  • Very close to Women’s Prayer Area

Languages Spoken by Dar Al Iman Staff

  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • English

We will spend Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday practically connecting with the blessed Seerah (life) of our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, by visiting with our blessed Prophet (PBUH), visiting Masjid al-Nabbawwi, and many of the Sacred Hallmark sites in Madinah. Our journey will also include daily spiritual development (tarbiyyah) lectures in the Haram, along with a step by step Umrah preparation.

After Salat al-Dhuhur (mid-day prayer) on Tuesday-March 10th, we will depart for Makkah. We will stop at Masjid Abyar Ali (Dhul Hulayfah) to affirm our intention for ihram and the performance of Umrah.

In Makkah, we will be staying at The Fairmont Royal-Tower, which is right next to masjid al-Haram, Alhumdulillah.

In addition to the ultimate comfort and casual elegance of the five-star hotel, the Fairmont Royal-Tower provides exclusive elevators that allow easy access to and from Masjid Al Haram.

The Fairmont Hotel offers unmatched hospitality throughout the splendorous hotel. Captivating views of Masjid Al Haram and the Kaba, and a passion for uncompromising service combine to create an experience that is exquisite and truly unforgettable.

Designed with comfort in mind, pilgrims can truly heighten their spiritual experience of the Holy City.

After settling in to our rooms and quickly freshening up, we will meet in the lobby and begin our step by step guided Umrah, with Imam Ahmad – who always takes extra care to keep the group together during the spiritually uplifting journey.

We will spend Wednesday, Thursday Friday & Saturday soaking up and connecting with the rich prophetic history of Makkah. We will visit many of the Sacred Hallmark sites in Makkah, coupled with daily spiritual development (tarbiyyah) lectures in the Haram to encourage a truly unique experience of spiritual development and growth, and in sha Allah, establish a deeper connection with Allah.

Our departure and arrival back home to the United States will be from Jeddah on March 15th.

Terms and Conditions


  • Emirates Airline ticket
  • Visa Processing Fees
  • VIP Buses
  • 24/7 AMAX Travel Staff Assistance
  • Visitation of Hallmarks
  • Step by Step Umrah Guide
  • Daily Tarbiyah Lectures
  • Complimentary Ihram for Men
  • Complimentary ZamZam Water (5 ltr)
  • Initial deposit $500 per person (non refundable)
  • Full payment due by January 15th 2020
  • 06 months Valid passport with 4 empty pages
  • Two passport size photos with white background and front face
  • Permanent residents: Please submit colored copy of both sides of green card
  • Original certificate of meningitis
  • Ladies below 45 years and young children below 18 years, traveling with Mahram, must have proof of relation.

The responsibility of Amax Travel as the tour operator or their agents is limited.

Amax Travel acts only as agent for passengers in making arrangements for air lines, hotels, buses or any other services in connection with this tour and assumes no liability for: injury, damage, loss, accident, or delay.

Irregularity which may occasionally occur either by reason of defect through the acts or defaults of any company or person engaged in conveying passengers or in carrying out the arrangements of the tour, or dangerous incidents in the air, sea, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of governments or other authorities, war whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots,theft , epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, or from any causes beyond Amax Travel ‘s control, or from any loss or damage resulting from improper passports, visas or other documents. Amax Travel will accept no responsibility for the loss or additional expenses to delays or changes in schedule or other causes. Amax Travel shall not be liable or responsible for any inconvenience, loss, damage or injury arising in connection with such services. Amax Travel will not be responsible for failure to follow instructions, including but not limited to check-in and check – out times and baggage handling. In the event of delay, it is the responsibility of the airlines to determine exactly what procedure will be followed. The policy chosen by that carrier shall be based on its procedures. Amax Travel and its affiliates will not be responsible for any person(s) missing any part of the program due to his/her negligence or delay or absenteeism for any time during the tour and will not be responsible for any additional expenses for the participant to rejoin the tour.


Package Details



- 4 People Per Room - Price Includes all Taxes


- 3 People Per Room - Price Includes all Taxes


- 2 People Per Room - Price Includes all Taxes