About Us

Maryam Islamic Center, founded in 2003, is a registered 501 (c) non-profit organization located in Sugar Land, Texas, and is an affiliate institution of Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

Maryam Islamic Center strives to be a center that embodies a spirit that is welcoming, inclusive, and most importantly, prophetic. Maryam Islamic Center is rooted in community and strives to meet the socio-religious needs of the ever growing community by facilitating an array of educational and community enrichment programs. Alongside the Five daily prayers and weekly Friday service, Maryam Islamic Center offers beautiful opportunities of learning, engaging, community building, youth programming, sisters’ exclusive programming, interfaith, outreach & much more!

Maryam Islamic Center was built with the intention of fostering qualities of leadership and growth in our youth, therefore, alongside our very robust schedule of youth programs, Maryam Islamic Center is home to one of the best Weekend Islamic Schools, Full time Hifdh Programs, & After School Qur’an Programs in the country.

Maryam Islamic Center strives to stand by our community in happiness and in sadness, and thus offers Nikah services, Funeral Services, Bereavement Services & Religious Counsel.



Maryam Islamic Center is located at 504 Sartartia Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77479. The location is in the heart of the New Territory community.

504 Sartartia Rd.
Sugar Land, TX 77479