Imam Mohammed ElFarooqui

Associate Imam and Youth Director

Mohammed ElFarooqui has been serving the greater Houston community for well over three years. He joined Maryam Islamic Center in July 2022 as the Associate Imam and Youth Director. He focuses on directing youth educational and religious activities at Maryam Islamic Center.

He also serves as an advisor for the community members on matters of Fiqh and other related questions. Please contact him at [email protected] to arrange a time to meet or ask questions.

Mohammed ElFarooqui has a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Sciences from Jamiatul Farooqia which is a prestigious private Islamic School. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Hadith at Jamia Al Azhar. He has also received a number of Ijazaa from different scholars but not limited to: Imam Daniel Hernandez, Shaykh Yusuf Bin Sadiq Al Hanbali. Currently he is working on earning several more Ijazaa from different scholars from Mauritania and Egypt.