Maryam Qur’an Academy

MQA | Full-Time Hifdh

Maryam Qur’an Academy (MQA) full-time hifdh program aims to develop Huffādh that have a deep love of the Holy Qur’an, strive to uphold its tenants, and traverse the journey of life with the Qur’an as their compass. Maryam Qur’an Academy delivers quality Qur’anic education by providing small class sizes, focusing on proper recitation with the correct rules of tajwīd, developing strong memorization/retention skills, & learning the message of the Holy Qur’an.

Our regular daily schedule is: Mon-Thurs 7:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., and Fri 7:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

We encourage you to enroll your children at MQA and help them build a relationship with the Holy Qur’an today!

For more information, please email at [email protected] or call us at 281-715-3500 ext 4.

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MQA Principal

Sarah Ahmed

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Rice University 
    • Hafidhah with ijazahs in multiple recitations of the Quran
    • Over 20 years experience running youth groups, organizing Islamic functions, teaching tajweed, Hifdh, and Islamic classes
    • Homeschooled her 3 children
    • Egyptian-American educated in Houston, TX

MQA Admin/Hifdh Quran Teacher

Sohaib Siddiqui

    • Hafidh with Ijazah in Hafs and Shoabah an Aasim
    • Studied 7 years at Darul Uloom New York and earned Alimiyyah Degree
    • Over ten years of leading taraweeh
    • Many years experience teaching Islamic Studies, Hifdh and Tajweed
    • Experience in running administration of Hifdh programs
    • Received education in New York City

MQA Hifdh Quran Teachers

Sh. Hassan Shah

    • M.A in Arabic and Islamic Studies
    • Hafidh with Ijazah
    • Resident scholar and Imam at Maryam Masjid
    • Proficient in teaching Quran and Arabic
    • 15 plus years of teaching Quran and Islamic studies
    • Over two decades of leading Taraweeh
    • Received education in Pakistan

Sr. Samar Abouelamayem

    • Bachelors degree in Special Education and Educational Psychology
    • Hafidhah with Ijazah
    • Many years experience teaching tajweed and hifdth
    • Received education in Egypt

Sr. Zahraa ElFarooqi

    • Hafidhah with tajweed certification
    • Many years experience teaching Quran and hifdth
    • Received education in India

Sh. Mahmoud Morsy 

    • Bachelors degree in Accounting
    • Hafidh with Ijazahs in Hafs and Shoabah an Aasim
    • More than ten years teaching tajweed, hifdh, and recitation of the Quran
    • Received education in Egypt and Saudi Arabia


MQA Academic Teachers

Sr. Inshirah Daher

    • Bachelors degree in History from North Carolina State University
    • Certified to teach History 9-12 and ESL K-12
    • 11 years teaching experience elementary, middle and high school students
    • Received education in Raleigh, North Carolina

Sr. Aisha Abedi

    • B.S in Bio Medical Engineering
    • Diploma in Quranic Arabic and Tafseer 
    • 10 years of teaching Islamic Studies, math and science to elementary and middle school students.
    • 1.5 years of teaching high school math and science subjects including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
    • Received education in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Houston.

Sr. Farheen Khan Haq

    • Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Education in Mathematics
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology
    • Experienced in teaching and tutoring High School math including Algebra I, II and Geometry
    • Received education in South Carolina