About Us

Maryam Islamic School

Maryam Islamic School’s educational vision is founded upon the aspiration to produce morally upright future leaders that are culturally conversant and are equipped with the tools to holistically engage and contribute to society as Champions of Islam and Academic Excellence. Maryam Islamic School offers an array of educational programs for our future leaders, from full-time Hifdh al-Qur’ān, part-time Hifdh al-Qur’ān, Post-Hifdh continuing education and leadership program, Qur’ān Nadhira (reading & recitation), Qā’ida Nūrāniyya (elementary reading skills) and Weekend Islamic Studies Program. Maryam Islamic School is home to one of the best full-time Hifdh al-Qur’an Programs and one of the largest Weekend Islamic Schools in the country. Commit to excellence and start your child’s educational journey today by signing up to Maryam Islamic School!