Dawah Team

Da’wah in Arabic means to invite, to teach the community about aspects of Islam.

For instance:
– Obedience to Allah
– Love for the Prophet 
 (may Allah bless him and grant him peace)
– Learn what is required from one by Islamic Law (Shari’ah).

Da’wah is a Fard kifaya (an obligation that rests upon the community, not the individual)

Allah Ta’ala speaks of Da’wah in several places in the Quran:

“We made you a middle nation to be witnesses over mankind.”
(Surah al-Baqara, 143)

“Let there be a community among you, who call to all that is good, enjoin right and forbid wrong. They are the ones who have success.”
(Surah Al-’Imran, verse 104)

With this goal in mind the MIC Da’wah Team has brought in many eminent scholars, to benefit the community. Risala Foundation has been in active partnership with MIC, bringing in many esteemed scholars. Events are held every month, almost all being free to the community. Shuyukh from Zaytuna College, Al Maghrib Institute, Bayyinah Institute, ICNA-ILF have all benefitted the community immensely.

Calling others to Islam was the mission of The Prophets and Messengers. The MIC Daw’ah Team hopes to continue with this mission insha Allah.

Dawah Coordinators

Br. Ahmed Megahed
Sr. Ghazala Ahmed
Br. Ibrahim Murtaza
Br. Dalia Al Metwaly

Contact us at: [email protected]