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MQA | 2023-24 Fundraising

The income MQA earns through its tuition only covers the salaries of our teachers. However, we incur many additional expenses for programs necessary in creating the positive environment we seek to create for our hifz students.

Help our students stay motivated by supporting one of our many programs designed to provide positive reinforcement to our upcoming huffadh!


The MQA Rewards Store

Students earn “MQA Coins” when they complete their hifz assignments properly. At the end of each week, students “purchase” rewards from the MQA Rewards Store using their earned coins. About $200 per month is spent on purchasing a range of rewards from cheaper items such as candy and toys to more expensive items such as drones, balls, and arts & crafts kits.

Special Events

MQA holds special events for the community throughout the year for students to showcase their recitation and achievements including Quran Night, the annual MIC city-wide Quran Competition, Graduation, field trips, and parties. Students feel excitement and encouragement through these community events.

Scholarship Fund

MQA currently spends about $30,000/year for students who cannot afford the full tuition.  Make a donation today to gain the reward of a student memorizing the Quran.

Teachers Fund

MQA is seeking funds to supplement our teachers’ incomes so that they can comfortably devote their time and attention to teaching and enriching our students’ Islamic education.  MQA has 6 full time teachers and 3 part time teachers.