Religious Leadership

Sheikh Hassan M. Shah

Quran Teacher for Maryam Quran Academy

Birthplace: Pakistan

• M.A in Arabic and Islamic Studies.
• Shahdatul-Alamiya by the Wifaq –ul-Madaris –ul-Arabia Pakistan (Darse Nizami)
• Hafiz e Quran

Skills & Achievements:
• Devoted Quran Teacher
• Proficient in teaching Quran and Arabic
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• 15 plus years of teaching Quran and Islamic studies
• Over two decades of leading Taraweeh
• Facilitated numerous students of knowledge to become competent Huffaz
• Striving to nurture students overall ethical and moral values

Dr Mervat Youssef

Quran Teacher for Maryam Quran Academy

Born in Cairo, Egypt

• Specialty Degree in Ten Major Qiraat from Al-Azhar, Egypt
• Aalyah Qiraat Degree in Ten Minor Qiraat from Al-Azhar, Egypt
• Tajweed Degree in Hafs from Al-Azhar, Egypt
• Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences, from Medical and Dental School, Boston University, Boston MA.
• Master of Art in human physiology from Medical School, Boston University.
• Master of Public Health from School of Public Health, Boston University.
• Post-doctorate fellow in biophysics department, Medical School, Boston University.
• Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Medical School, Cairo, Egypt.

• Memorized and recited Quran by the ten qiraat major and minor, single qarea or rawi and collective, to different Sheiks.
• Granted Ijaza with Sanad from different Shaik of whom was Shaik Ahmad Azzaiiat who taught in Madinah haram for many years.
• Taught Quran in different countries, including Makkah haram.
• First female with ijaza in the ten Qiraat major and minor to teach in Makkah haram giving Ijaza to students from all over the world travelling to Makkah.
• Professor of Clinical Nutrition at several universities.
• Consultant and expert at different organizations and firms including World Health Organization, John Snow Inc.