Religious Leadership

Ustadha Safiya Ravat

Female Religious Director

Safiya Ravat was born in Canada and raised in South Africa and the US, with British and Indian origins. She grew up in Houston, and now serves as the Female Religious Director at Maryam Islamic Center. Safiya is the co-founder of Suhbah Institute.

She attained her degree in Journalism with a minor in Religious Studies at the University of Houston and went on to write for the Houston Chronicle.

Safiya studied under Shaykh Isam Rajab for two years at the Arees University. After graduating from the Bayyinah Dream Arabic program, she attained a degree in Fiqh and Usul ul Fiqh (Islamic Law and Jurisprudence) from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Safiya served as the head instructor of Arabic at the Bayyinah Dream program.

Safiya enjoys women’s soccer, and empowering women through education that re-aligns the ummah with the true narrative of women in Islam.

Sheikh Anisul Haque

Program Enhancement Coordinator and Quran Teacher for Maryam Quran Academy

Birthplace: New York

 • Hafiz e Quran
 • Bachelor’s in Shariah – Fiqh and Usool Al Fiqh from the College of Shariah Islamic University Madinah – KSA
 • Post Graduate Certificate for Islamic Chaplaincy from the College of the Prophet’s Mosque
 • Bachelor’s degree in MIS from University of Houston

 • Obtained an Ijazah in Hafs from Al-Masjid An-Nabawi. Quran recitation, memorization, tajweed, and Arabic.
 • Public speaking and engaging the youth especially younger children.

Leading taraweeh since 2001

Sheikh Hassan M. Shah

Quran Teacher for Maryam Quran Academy

Birthplace: Pakistan

• M.A in Arabic and Islamic Studies.
• Shahdatul-Alamiya by the Wifaq –ul-Madaris –ul-Arabia Pakistan (Darse Nizami)
• Hafiz e Quran

Skills & Achievements:
• Devoted Quran Teacher
• Proficient in teaching Quran and Arabic
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• 15 plus years of teaching Quran and Islamic studies
• Over two decades of leading Taraweeh
• Facilitated numerous students of knowledge to become competent Huffaz
• Striving to nurture students overall ethical and moral values

Dr Mervat Youssef

Quran Teacher for Maryam Quran Academy

Born in Cairo, Egypt

• Specialty Degree in Ten Major Qiraat from Al-Azhar, Egypt
• Aalyah Qiraat Degree in Ten Minor Qiraat from Al-Azhar, Egypt
• Tajweed Degree in Hafs from Al-Azhar, Egypt
• Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences, from Medical and Dental School, Boston University, Boston MA.
• Master of Art in human physiology from Medical School, Boston University.
• Master of Public Health from School of Public Health, Boston University.
• Post-doctorate fellow in biophysics department, Medical School, Boston University.
• Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Medical School, Cairo, Egypt.

• Memorized and recited Quran by the ten qiraat major and minor, single qarea or rawi and collective, to different Sheiks.
• Granted Ijaza with Sanad from different Shaik of whom was Shaik Ahmad Azzaiiat who taught in Madinah haram for many years.
• Taught Quran in different countries, including Makkah haram.
• First female with ijaza in the ten Qiraat major and minor to teach in Makkah haram giving Ijaza to students from all over the world travelling to Makkah.
• Professor of Clinical Nutrition at several universities.
• Consultant and expert at different organizations and firms including World Health Organization, John Snow Inc.