Hifdh Essentials

Maryam Islamic Center is proud to announce the launch of our latest youth program: Post-Hifdh Essentials.

In this program, we aim to further the knowledge of the Huffadh in our community, their love for the Quran and nurture their leadership potential. 

This program is

    • Designed Specially for Huffādh
    • Perfect for MQAgraduates
    • After School Hours
    • Islamic Studies & Tarbiyah
      • Basic Fiqh
      • Aqidah/Theology
      • Seerah & Prophetic Stories
    • Small Class Sizes
    • Targeted Revision
    • Customized Review Plans

This program will be taught by our newest addition, Sh. Anis Ul Haq, under the supervision of our Sr. Religious Director/Imam, Sh. Ahmad Khan.