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Information TechnologyOffice Mgmt./Administrator TasksEvent ManagementAccounting/FinanceConstructionWeb DevelopmentPhotographyVideographyGraphic DesignMarketingSalesTeachingWedding PlanningBabysittingCateringMedical Caregiver

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Aesthetic Team
Facility Aesthetics - Responsible for overall presentation of the masjid
Event Presentation - Responsible for functions and event aesthetic presentation

Catering Team
Food - Catering Arrangements - Arange food in masjid events

Construction Team
Parking Lot - Volunteer to oversee parking lot growth and expansion projects
Building Expansion - Volunteer to oversee growth of the physical structures
Landscape design - Responsible for elevation landscape design

Dawah Team
Naseehah Events - Assist in execution of dawah events for Muslim community at masjid
Interfaith Events and Relations - Volunteer to speak with interfaith groups visiting masjid
Outreach Programs and Events - Volunteer in programs such as soup kitchen, houston food bank, habitat for humanity

Facility Maintenance Team
Facility Maintenance - Responsible for upkeep of the Masjid day to day maintenance
Video survellance Tech support
Landscaping - Volunteer in mowing lawn, weeding, fertilizing, etc.

Family Team
Family Events - Assist in execution of events for bringing families into masjid
Wedding Services - Wedding planning, creation of wedding packages, catering, banquet management

Financial Team
Accounting - Volunteer to track budget, expenses, tax, book keeping, etc.

Fundraising Team
ISGH Membership - Recruiting members, establishing community links, and primarily collecting funds
Dollar a Day - Increase dollar a day membership enrollement
Creative Funding - Initiate and execute creative projects to increase funding (car wash, services, rental, events, etc.)

Ladies Team
Ladies Events - Assist in ladies only events

Media and Marketing Team
Graphic Design (Posters, Fliers, etc.) - Responsible for designing graphics, electronic advertisments, posters, fliers, etc.
Video Production - Volunteer to edit video shoots and use pictures to ensemble a video presentation
Print - Volunteer to coordinate print media with print agency (paper, size, etc.)
Photography - Volunteer to take scenic pictures for graphic design and take pictures during events
Event Marketing and Promotion - Volunteer to publicize and promote Masjid events
Videography - Volunteer to setup and shoot videos during events

Parking Team
Event day traffic flow
Jummah traffic flow
Lot Space efficiency

Picnic Team
Picnic Day Volunteers - Volunteer to oversee rides, help in setup, décor, serve food at MIC booth etc.

Ramadan Team
Ramadan Iftar - Volunteer responsible for establishing community iftar at Masjid during Ramadan
Ramadan Fundraising - Responsbile for fundraising on Khatam-e-quran night and during Ramadan

Sadaqa and Zakah Team
Sadaqa and Zakah Collection - Responsible for fundraising and arranging methods for Sadaqa and Zakah collection
Sadaqa and Zakah Distribution - Participate in programs to distribute Sadaqa and Zakah funds to appropriate people
Refugee Relief Services - Volunteer to intercede and accommodate establishment of new Refugees into society

School Team
Office management
Administrative tasks
Newsletter - Creation and publishing of weekend school letter
Parent-teacher organization - Volunteer to become member of PTO to suggest improvements to school administration
Curriculum management
Campus improvement team
Field trip organization
Teaching assistant

Youth Council
Friday Halaqa - Volunteer to plan speakers and lead Friday Halaqas
Special Activities - Plan and lead youth activities (sports night, lock-in, field trips, etc.)