Religious Directors

Imam Mohammad Ahmad Khan

Imam and Religious Director

Mohammad Ahmad Khan is a Houston native and has been serving the greater Houston community for well over a decade.

After completing the memorization of the Holy Quran in Houston, he furthered his studies in Quranic studies by completing a diploma in tajwīd wa al-qirā’ah from Darul ulūm Faisalabad. He directly studied under the late-erudite scholar, Muhammad Siddiqique (ra). 

Imam Ahmad graduated from Zaytuna College as the valedictorian of his class with a Liberal Arts degree in Islamic law and Theology.  

He has been blessed to study under some of  the nations greatest scholars including but not limited to: Sh. Hamza Yusuf, Imam Zaid Shakir and Sh. Abdullah Ali.

The central focus of his ministry is inclusivity, the enfranchisement of the disenfranchised, the restoration of the family institution, establishing humanitarian solidarity through extensive interfaith engagements and community development. 

Ustadha Safiya Ravat

Female Religious Director

Safiya Ravat was born in Canada and raised in South Africa and the US, with British and Indian origins. She grew up in Houston, and now serves as the Female Religious Director at Maryam Islamic Center. Safiya is the co-founder of Suhbah Institute.

She attained her degree in Journalism with a minor in Religious Studies at the University of Houston and went on to write for the Houston Chronicle.

Safiya studied under Shaykh Isam Rajab for two years at the Arees University. After graduating from the Bayyinah Dream Arabic program, she attained a degree in Fiqh and Usul ul Fiqh (Islamic Law and Jurisprudence) from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Safiya served as the head instructor of Arabic at the Bayyinah Dream program.

Safiya enjoys women’s soccer, and empowering women through education that re-aligns the ummah with the true narrative of women in Islam.