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About Imam Tauqeer Shah

Imam Tauqeer Shah is the Imam and Religious Advisor at the Maryam Islamic Center.
Hafizul Quran. Earned a BA Degree from University of Houston. Study Islamic Sciences from various institutes.
Currently Pursuing Masters and PHD in Islamic Studies. Click for more.

Quran for adults: Studying Surah Mulk
Tajweed-Translation-Tafseer. Every Thursday between Magrib to Isha.
Click here for details and registration.

Quran Study Circle for teenagers
Discussion over the surahs from 30th Juzz. Every Wednesday between Maghrib to Isha.
Click for details and registration.

Imam Tauqeer Shah Features in the Houstonia Magazine alongside Pastors and Rabbis.

Standing firm against Extremism of any kind – Strong Statement by Imam Tauqeer Shah.

Imam Shah presents the Muslim fasting of Ramadan to the St. Johns United Church.

Imam Tauqeer Shah Presents the Ramadhan Essentials at the Interfaith Event

Imam Shah talks about Fasting to the Hosuton Chronicle.

Imam Shah and the Muslim Community’s strong statement against Extremism and Radicalization.

Imam Shah talks about Ramadhan to the Houston Chronicle

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