The Empowered Muslim Woman

January 12, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm


Excited to announce our new monthly series starting December!

Our goal: Female Empowerment and Education through Re-Aligning with Islamic Tradition.

If you know your rights, then you can better ensure they won’t be trampled upon, inshaAllah! The class will cover a plethora of women’s topics in depth largely taken from Abu Shuqa’s book “Tahrir al Mara fi Asri Risala”. All questions are welcome in this SAFE space!

Topics over the next 6 months include:
-Slaying Misconceptions: The Liberation of Women at the Time of the Message
-Hidden Female Figures: The Role of Women in Society
-Women in the Masjid: Seen and Heard
-Women’s Attire, Hijab, and Fashion Guidelines
-Beautiful Inside and Out: Women’s Beautification (make up & jewelry)
-Fiqh of Menstruation – Spirituality on Your “Break”
-“Controversial” women’s topics
-Fiqh of Pregnancy and Motherhood

Occurring at 2 different locations each month:
Maryam Islamic Center | 1st Saturday of the month | 11am-1pm
River Oaks Islamic Center | 1st Sunday of the month | 2pm-5pm